About Me

The story never end, as another challenge has raise to accomplish and another opportunity to employ my knowledge to the benefit of my11954565_896047137143675_3786475397853732656_n employer. Perpetually inquisitive, I am constantly on the quest for great ideas, emerging trends and innovative approaches to the most arduous challenges.

I have put my insatiable curiosity, creativity and empathy to work on a variety of leading regional and local brands. My inquisitive character allowed me to work on developing insightful communication strategies.

On another note, I truly believe in fairy tales, I believe that each Brand has its own meaningful story, a good story is when people want to hear it, participate in it and tell it again, I believe that the Brand will live happily ever after.

My main focus on marketing is to determine the best way to take advantage of any of all of marketing tools to promote any product.

As I knew, that the marketing in general takes three basic forms: Positive, Educational & Negative, knowing when to do which and how, this is what I have executed and practiced.

“Many of the decisions are made without consent anyway “.

I am a creative thinker with the ability to analyze statistics and work out long-term logistical plans and find sound homes in marketing divisions, where all my skills are needed to successfully launch a product or maintain a product’s sales.

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